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30 - 45 Days

Advance Chip level Mobile Repairing Courses

  • Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Technologies
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ,Infrared Technologies
  • Unlocking code for Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone CDMA Phone
  • GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
  • Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Assembly & Disassembly
  • Identification of Different Electronic Components Testing on a Circuit board
  • Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering on a PCB Motherboard
  • Identification of ICs
  • Identification of Different ICs
  • Source and Destination
  • Mobile source destination code
  • Mobile Circuit Board Trace Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone
  • Mobile Circuit Board Trace without Circuit Diagram
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • Section of Mobile Phone Repair
  • 2G 3G 4G Technology
  • Chinese Mobile phone Repair
  • Android Technology
  • Windows phone Technology
  • Faults In Mobile Phones
  • Dead set condition
  • No charging
  • Auto charging
  • No signal
  • Voice problem
  • Vibrator problem
  • Ringer problem
  • Auto turn off
  • Hanging problem
  • Insert sim (no sim card inserted shows on the screen)
  • keypad problem
  • Software problems:
  • Hanging problem
  • No signal
  • Dead set
  • Display
  • Contact service (contact retailer, contact service provider)
  • Test mode
  • Not charging
  • Setting problem:
  • Call divert
  • Sim lock
  • Security code
  • Country lock
  • Practically handset Repairing
  • Latest Mobile Repairing
  • Flashing and Formatiing
  • I-PHONE Restoring
  • Android Pattern Lock
  • Android Routing
  • Blackberry Unlocking
  • Blackberry Flashing
  • Blackberry Wi-Fi Settings
  • galaxy phone Repair
  • Repairing Touch screen phone
  • Touch screen phone Technology Repair
  • HTC Repairing
  • GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
  • Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • Practically Handset Repairing
  • Tips for service centre
  • Live Practical Training
  • EXPERT India's leading mobile repairing institute. We offer best mobile repairing course in Delhi. mobile repairing to a wide range of areas around Delhi India. If you are looking for a good mobile repairing institute in Delhi or in NCR, We provide highly skilled and qualified technicians in Delhi for all Kinds of laptop mobiles repairing, we have many branches in India, We provide fast services for mobile repairing laptop repairing in Delhi; we are one of the best mobile repairing institutes in Delhi.Our work availability guarantee is a different system that will provide you with hilly mobile repairing course in Delhi; we have the best laptop repairing engineers they will short out any kind of query. Our motive is
    providing the best service for mobile repairing; we are only one of the best mobile repairing Course providers in Delhi NCR or all over India.Our mobile repair course is very well designed for cover maximum learning, don't think that we take long time we provide all the techniques for laptop repairing we just focus to provide best techniques and make understand in easy ways, our course has proven itself time and time again to give you, the skills to be able to take laptops apart, repair them and re-assemble them again.If you are looking for a new career in laptop repairing? We provide mobile training course that will help you to build your carrier brighter, when you will complete our laptop repair course you will be able to start yo own repairing business and get income.
    Our laptop repairing course is bases on practical training and essential theory and teaches in our service
    centre. Our institute have good machine for repairing laptops or mobile. We help you in success. We have
    structured our course very forward and easy to follow so we have no need to worry about anything; each step is very easy to understand so you can easily follow how we repair laptop, mobile or tablet PC. Now
    in this time you can take this field as future in the market in this market has huge of demand in mobile repairing or laptop repairing. If you want join our course you can join because we have many branches in
    India, we provide also online mobile repairing course in India. Franchises are available in India, If you want join as master franchises we provide franchise in any area of India, still we have provided many franchises in India If you are really interested in our franchises than Contact us.


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